World Pension Summit 2012

Startdatum: 14 november 2012
Einddatum: 16 november 2012
Amsterdam (Nederland)
EYE Film Institute, IJpromenade 1, 1031KT Amsterdam, The Netherlands
WorldPensionSummit is an activity of GlobalPlatform BV
World Pension Summit 2012 image
The financial and economic crisis is a worldwide wake-up call for all pension systems. Turbulent financial markets, new insights in life expectations and solidarity being questioned will make it harder to deliver on the pension promise. There is an urgent call for pension reform. Do you recognize these challenges? Is your market and pension system being challenged as well? Speakers:
Edward Whitehouse, Principal Economist OECD
Herman Tange, Managing Director, ING Netherlands
Annamaria Lusardi, Director Financial Literacy Center